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WORLD GYM — One step away.

Role: Creative Ideas, Strategy & Script, Voice & Messaging
Agency: dan and sean
Client: World Gym

World Gym Taiwan is a brand that has been in Taiwan for over 15 years. As the leading gym brand with over 110 locations in the country, they want to continue adapting to the growing fitness landscape. World Gym chooses their locations with intention, as they know that convenience is one of the most influential factors in choosing a gym.

Oftentimes, the things that drive us to the gym are unpleasant. It could be a breakup, a stressful day at work, even hitting rock bottom. The objective of this brand video is to connect with an audience on an emotional level, and show that the willingness to work towards a better version of us is

the first and most important step in our transformation. All we have to do, is make the first move.