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PANS — Made for family.

Role: Social Media Strategy & Curation,  Project Manager
Produced at: Pans
Pans began in 2013 as a European-style courtyard jewelry store tucked in a corner of the Shanghai French Concession. Starting in 2016, Pans began the journey of building a high jewelry brand that believes jewelry is a medium for preserving a family's most important milestones. Pans has become a prominent independent jewelry brand in China, winning multiple design awards in its evolution towards becoming a top-tier boutique brand.

Salon de Pans is our Instagram platform that brings to life the captivating tales of family, companionship, identity, and belonging that lie at the core of our brand. As you explore our stories, you'll also immerse yourself in the inspiring world of talented artists whose work ignites our passion and sparks creativity. Salon de Pans is more than just a showcase; it's a celebration of human connections and the artistry that drives us forward.

For a brand built on the values of authentic family relationships, every campaign produced, every photo taken must deliver a genuine emotional response. Since 2016, all of Pans visual communication has been planned around an ordinary family that went through various life stages, from being newly-weds to bearing children, growing from a two-generation family to three.

In recent years, the Pans Family has grown to include many more families, no matter if the subject in front of the camera is a top model, celebrity, or world-class ballet dancer, aiming to reflect the authenticity that Pans values.