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DEEPBLU — For divers, by divers.

Role: Social Media Manager, Influencer & Affiliate Marketing Specialist
Produced at: Deepblu
Deepblu is an online community for divers and ocean enthusiasts. Their first product, the COSMIQ+ dive computer was the first underwater wearable tech on the market that utilized Bluetooth technology to sync dive logs to apps. The product revolutionized scuba diving, freediving, and underwater exploration.

Influencer & Affiliate Marketing
I spearheaded the development and curation of engaging social media content across all platforms, establishing strategic partnerships with influencers on YouTube, Instagram, and leading online diving platforms in over 10 countries. These efforts resulted in a remarkable 37% surge in sales of the COSMIQ+, which was generating an impressive annual sales revenue of US $4 million during my time there.

Website SEO
Deepblu Mag was created to produce captivating diving content in order to foster connections with our expanding global user community. The articles were seamlessly integrated into the explore feed on Deepblu’s app, which had attracted over 80,000 passionate diving enthusiasts who shared and logged more than 250,000 dives on the platform. To further amplify our online presence, I implemented effective SEO strategies, optimizing Deepblu Mag articles to drive targeted traffic to the online store.